Call Contractors

This mod allows you to outsource jobs for which you don't have the time or equipment to contractors.


Sawdust mod simulates woodchips falling to the ground when cutting down trees and work with woods

Rain Won't Stop Me

Some potato and sugar beet harvesters are able to work in hail and rain but not them all. With this mod, all of them will be able to do it.

Slow Player

With this mod you will move slower while holding objects in your hands.


Chop the wood and split it with the axe to make firewood, you need a pallet nearby.

Mouse Driving

This mod will provide you with the ability to use the mouse to drive vehicles.

Better Helpers Limit

In multiplayer the limit of helpers you can hire depends on the number of players online. This implies that if another farm hires helpers before yours, you won't be able to hire any more helpers.

Progressive Steering

As the name implies, progressive steering is based on a progressive steering ratio. This significantly increase the precision in high-speed maneuvering.

Tools Combo

This mod allows you to turn on / off and to fold / unfold all the implements attached to your tractor at the same time with a single action button.

Heap Info

Have you ever wondered, How many sugar beets will there be in that heap? If the answer is YES! this will be the right mod for you.

Loader Vehicles AI

With this mod helpers will be able to drive your loader vehicles, just place the vehicle straight in front of the heap and press "H".

Real Seeds Usage

With this mod, seeders will use the right and real amount of seed for every crop type.

Precision Farming Addon

This mod is aimed to improve the overall experience while you play with Precision Farming DLC from GIANTS Software.

Map Objects Hider

Have you ever felt like you can't join two fields because of a rock that's right in the middle of them, or you can't build a shed because of some objects that take up space? These will no longer be problems thanks to "Map Objects Hider", this mod will let you permanently remove decorative objects and placeable items on your maps.

Camera Suspension

In real life you would never see your seat and armrest swinging up and down because your entire body is on it. This mod aims to fix this issue, that happens when you are driving from cab view, by allowing the camera to follow smoothly the cab and seat movements.

Info Display

If you've ever wondered "what am I looking at?" Info Display is the right mod for you because it will show you a lot of information about the object you are looking at.

Advanced Stats

This mod will collect a bunch of individual statistics for your vehicles and tools.

Better Contracts

This mod helps to improve the contract system, both in singleplayer and multyplayer.

Jenz BA 725 D

Woodcrusher Jenz BA 725 D.